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The Customized Deep Cleanse

Based on your unique complexion, this purifying treatment includes a skin-renewing peel, stimulating facial massage, personally-selected masque, and rejuvenating hand and nail treatment to leave skin radiant and refreshed. 60 minutes $185

The Men's Skin Management

A deep-cleansing, therapeutic facial designed for a man’s specific skin care needs, including sensitivity and razor burn. Features a muscle-easing massage and refining masque. 60 minutes $185

The Advanced Brighten + Repair

Experience visible results from this customized, treatment that includes deep-cleansing massage, exfoliation of face, neck, décolleté and hands, and intensive masque and serum to target specific skin concerns such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, congestion and sensitivity. 60 minutes $225 / 90 minutes $285

The Marine Anti-aging

The ultimate ageless treatment for the face, hands and décolleté refines, lifts, firms and nourishes the skin with protein-rich caviar. Powerful antioxidants, gentle enzyme peel, unique peel-off masque and contouring Acu-Lift massage dramatically improve texture, tone and radiance. 90 minutes $325

Collagen Hydrate and Contour Facial
Restores and revitalizes the complexion whilst delivering an important boost to the moisture levels through the use of pioneering wellbeing treatment masks and QMS Signature 97% skin identical Native collagen. Skin is left firmer and with more volume, fine lines are reduced and texture is improved.
Designed to strengthen and regenerate the skin with a focus on the areas that are prone to loss of elasticity as skin ages. Delivers a lifting and tightening massage in combination with a collagen-boosting treatment to help improve the tonicity of the jaw lines, cheeks and eyebrows. 90 minutes $360



Advanced Ampoules

Concentrated serums, active ingredients, instant results. $50

Ampoule Selection / Key Benefits

  • Co-Enzyme Q10 oxygenating, nourishing
  • Pure Vitamin C protective, repairing
  • Intensive Repair healing, anti-aging

Gua Sha

Unique detoxifying and beautifying facial treatment using Jade stones to instantly smooth, firm and lift the skin. $40

Intensive Eye Treatment

Specialized to target the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles up to 27%. $55



  • Pain Relief Ginger
  • Slimming | Detox Grapefruit Black Pepper
  • Sleep | Relax Lavender
  • Nourish | Hydrate Neroli Blossom

The Botanical Crush Scrub

Mineral-rich salts combine with intuitively-selected aromatherapy for a customized, full-body exfoliation. Our signature-rinse technique means never leaving the serenity of your treatment space, and a luxurious application of organic oil calms the mind and hydrates the body. 60 minutes $210

The Aroma Paradise Wrap

Luxuriate in a comforting, cocooning body wrap with a blend of intuitively-selected aromatherapy oil and mineral-rich detoxifying body crème as you are treated to a lifting 16-point facial treatment. Emerge relaxed, rejuvenated and hydrated. 60 minutes $210

The Quenching Aloe Wrap

The healing, moisturizing properties of organic aloe vera combine with the nourishing benefits of algae and the calming nature of chamomile in this deluxe hydrating body wrap. Includes a luxurious scalp and neck massage as well as an invigorating foot massage with cooling alpine foot balm. 60 minutes $190

The Signature Bliss Journey

Experience the calming wellness benefits of wild lavender in this complete rejuvenation experience. Indulge in an invigorating, skin-smoothing body exfoliation, followed by a deeply relaxing full body massage with organic lavender oil and warm healing stones to relieve any muscle tension. Then, nourish your senses and relax inside a warm cocoon as you enjoy a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage for head-to-toe rapture. 90 minutes $285 / 120 minutes $375

The Escape Journey

Unwind and achieve a deep sense of wellness with a customized combination of stress-reducing massage techniques along with focused deep muscle relief. This head-to-toe experience includes a customized Deep Cleansing Facial for an overall purifying, restorative experience. 120 minutes $375

The Replenish Journey

Magnesium is responsible for promoting energy levels, sleep, muscle function, and overall well-being. This nourishing, detoxifying experience helps replenish commonly deficient magnesium levels in the most luxurious fashion. An invigorating dry brush is followed by a therapeutic full-body massage, mineral-infused wrap, targeted acupressure rituals, and a take-home mineral bath to extend the benefits of your treatment. 90 minutes $285

The Revitalize Journey

This Opal Spa favorite is a complete head-to-toe luxury experience. Enjoy a personalized massage designed to alleviate tightness and tension by blending stress-reducing techniques with focused deep muscle relief. A relaxing scalp massage along with a rejuvenating eucalyptus mineral salt foot scrub and acupressure foot massage complete this immersive wellness ritual. 90 minutes $285


The Traditional

This most well-known and widely practiced form of classic massage uses a light touch, long, flowing strokes and gentle transitions designed to warm and relax muscles in preparation for such techniques as kneading and applying medium pressure. This treatment will relax, revitalize and renew your body. Benefits include increased blood and lymph circulation, eased tension and energetic revitalization. 60 minutes $165 / 90 minutes $215


The Deep

A therapeutic treatment aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissue. While using many of the same techniques as traditional Swedish, the pressure is more intense and focused as your therapist works to release chronic muscle tension. Alleviate discomfort while addressing problematic joint and muscular areas with focused medium to firm pressure. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $250

The Stone

Enter a state of pure bliss as smooth warm basalt stones bring increased circulation and relief to your sore and aching muscles. Careful stone placement combined with soothing massage using these stones as therapeutic tools, encourages a sense of incredible deep peace and contentment. 60 minutes $195 / 90 minutes $265

The Prenatal

This gentle calming massage will promote a healthy pregnancy. Relax tense muscles, increase circulation and ease back pain. You must be out of your first trimester to enjoy this service. 60 minutes $165

The Couples Massage

(Couples treatment prices are per person)
A tranquil experience for two. Enhance your personalized massage experience with a friend or loved one in the privacy of our Couples Therapy Room. 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $250


The Reflexology

Eastern tradition believes the body's meridians are represented on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. This healing treatment applies acupressure to the central reflex points on feet and hands to improve circulationand health of vital organs and joints. 60 minutes $180

The Signature Perfect

Since the body constantly changes as well as your treatment needs, we create the perfect massage for you based on what your body needs for healing and restoration. This Perfect massage allows you and your technician to combine any of our available massage therapies into one perfect massage created just for you.  90 minutes $280

Antara CBD Harmony Massage

This tension-dissolving treatment targets pain and muscle inflammation with our Organic CBD Oil, this specialized massage relieves tight, tired sore muscles, re-boots the mind-body connection to reduce stress and promote mental clarity. Our CBD massage will elevate you to a blissful state of calm.  90 minutes $260



The Hot Stones

Melt tension and enhance relaxation by adding warm stones targeted to one area of the body. $40

The Hot Oil Hair & Scalp Therapy

An aromatic combination of warm organic oil and deep conditioner is applied with massage-like technique to leave hair, scalp and spirit revived. $40

The Head, Neck & Shoulder

Express treatment targeting key areas of tension with acupressure and aromatherapy clears the mind, promotes relaxation, and eases stiffness. 30 minutes $100

The Ultimate Foot Ritual

Invigorating, eucalyptus-infused soak, exfoliation and stress relieving pressure points further relaxes your body and uplifts your mood. 30 minutes $100



A healthy twist to a regular manicure. This deluxe treatment incorporates a unique Multi-Acid Peel for hand exfoliation based on a 20% multi-acid complex, moisturizing Aroma Nail Oil, a hand soak in muscle-relieving minerals and essential oils, and a massage based on Geranium, Grapefruit, and Lavender Essences. All followed by the most comprehensive nail service to complete this one of a kind experience. 50 minutes $75

Helps to stimulate circulation as well as revitalize and remineralize tired feet. Lavender-scented towels envelope the feet to prepare for a gentile, yet thorough exfoliation using mineral-rich salts mixed with nourishing, invigorating oils. Following the exfoliation, feet are immersed in a soothing foot soak with magnesium slats and trace elements. A massage with invigoration Fuß Balm concludes this revitalizing experience. 75 minutes $95

Select your scent and begin your journey! Your selected essence highlights your foot bath salts, lotion and Shea butter intense hydration, creating a memorable experience that leaves your fingers and toes beautifully harmonized. 50 minutes $55
GEL MANICURE 50 minutes $70
Select your scent and begin your journey! Your selected essence highlights your foot bath salts, lotion and Shea butter intense hydration, creating a memorable experience that leaves your fingers and toes beautifully harmonized. 45 minutes $70
GEL PEDICURE 60 minutes $85


*Denotes additional time or charge.

Polish Change $25
Paraffin* $35
Gel Color* $25
Gel Color Removal* $25
Extra Foot Massage* $35



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