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Salon Services at our Sarasota Spa


Whether you want to get a manicure before a night on the town or just want to change up your look, our Sarasota Spa has you covered with a variety of manicure and pedicure treatments.


The Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Select your scent and begin your journey! Your selected essence highlights your footbath, lotion and Shea butter intense hydration, creating a memorable experience that leaves your fingers and toes beautifully harmonized.
Manicure 50 minutes - $55 / Pedicure 50 minutes - $70


The Signature

OPAL’s exquisite Signature manicure and pedicure combine skin softening minerals, a silicate exfoliation, and a hydrating paraffin mask with a rhythmic and relaxing massage.
Manicure 55 minutes - $85 / Pedicure 80 minutes  - $115


The Express

Just the basics for those whose time is limited, this quick shape and polish is just what you need.
Manicure 25 minutes - $35 / Pedicure 25 minutes - $45



Manicure - $70 / Pedicure - $85



Manicure - $45 / Pedicure - $60


Hands - $25 / Feet - $25


Hands & Feet Enhancements

*Denotes additional time or charge
  • French Finish*
  • Paraffin*
  • Foot Peel*
  • Intensive Callous Programme
  • Shellac Removal*
  • Shellac/Shellac Color*


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