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Botanical Body Treatments at Our Beachfront Sarasota Spa

Body Treatments

Remove toxins and get back to your best self with the rejuvenating body treatments at our Sarasota luxury spa. Our customized treatments feature a unique blend of botanical oils, the purest salts from the four corners of the earth, organic seaweed rich in vitamins, and minerals and trace elements which deliver powerful antioxidants to protect your skin and help slow the visual effects of the aging process. For your convenience, a gratuity of 18% will be added to each treatment.

To reserve an appointment at The Spa, please contact us at 941.387.1587.

Signature Body Renewal

This signature ritual begins with a slow, dry skin brushing followed by a gentle nature inspired exfoliation using a unique scrub enhanced with essential oils, then completed with an application of body serum, oil and cream in a full body, de-stressing massage. This ritual not only deeply nourishes the skin, it combats fatigue and stimulates circulation. Relaxing, Revitalizing, Restorative.
80 minutes

The Detox

The perfect detoxifying programme that offers the appearance of toned and firm skin while drawing out impurities. A full body wrap, re-mineralizing thermal waters with active ingredients enveloped in a cocooning mask will deeply renew and detoxify the skin.
80 minutes

The Maternity

The ideal nurturing programme during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, thanks to the elasticizing, nourishing actions of the natural active ingredients. The Maternity improves circulation, reduces swelling and inhibits stretch-marks.
50 minutes

The Soothe

Rejuvenates and soothes sunburned skin and accelerates the body’s natural healing process while protecting skin from further cellular damage. This nourishing full body cooling and therapeutic wrap calms inflamed skin while replacing lost moisture and restoring vital nutrients with mineral-rich organic algae and aloe, green tea extracts and other antioxidants. Reduce redness and irritation while healing sun-damaged skin.
50 minutes

The Scrub

A precious sensorial synergy of textures, beginning with a vigorous renewing scrub ritual to prepare and smooth the entire body. Concluding with an application of a creamy body butter, bestowing silkiness and nourishment to the body ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind.
50 minutes 

Mind - Body - Spirit

Rich and precious, the mind, body and spirit is more than just the sum of its parts – therefore the range of our wellness therapies are comprehensive and extremely varied to cover all the aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Tranquility Ritual

A precious sensorial synergy of delicate textures, beginning with a unique renewing scrub ritual for smooth, soft skin, enhanced with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. Concluding with aromacological scents and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind.
100 minutes

Longevity Ritual

A complete longevity approach to target the four primary causes of accelerated cellular aging reflected in the skin: inflammation, glycation, oxidation and methylation. The choice of a face or body programme or the combination of both, to actively correct imperfections, whilst protecting against further damage, enhanced with Kabat massage, to stimulate vitality to tissues. This ritual programme graces your skin with natural and organic elements from all around our precious earth restoring your soul with h3, nurturing and loving touch.
100 minutes

Sacred Nature

Your Organic Choice! This all natural and organic face and body ritual provides nourishment and protection for dry and sensitive skin. This ritual graces the face and body with elements from around the world restoring your soul with a h3, nurturing and loving touch. Deeply restoring organic oils combined with essential anti-oxidants restore silky skin texture with profound softness and moisture.
100 minutes 

The Ritual Experience

Feel like royalty as you pick one of these ethereal combination spa experiences that string together select beauty and wellness treatments and roll them into one glorious bouquet of bliss. The individual experiences in these bouquets are specifically picked to enhance the effectiveness of each and create one glorious ritual.

The Signature

The gift of renewal, tranquility, and the luster of pure Luxury. Enjoy a combination of the Signatures - Body Renewal / Facial / Manicure and Pedicure
Approximately 6 hours - All services are performed on the same day and offer a lunch break of 80 minutes when booking. Lunch is not included. This is the ultimate day package.

The Essence

Enjoy your favorite spa with your favorite services with this half day of relaxation.
50 Minute Custom Facial / 50 Minute Traditional Massage / Classic Manicure and Pedicure
Approximately 3.5 hours

The Sports

A package designed with the Spa Man in mind. Just for him. 50 Minute Custom Facial / 50 Minute Deep Tissue Massage / MANicure and Classic Pedicure
Approximately 3.5 hours

The Duet

Perfectly packaged for two. Mother/Daughter, Honeymoon or BFF’s spa Re-Treat for two. Share, relax and reconnect in the paradise that is Spa! Choose from a 50 Minute Traditional Massage or a 50 Minute Custom Facial with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure. Package is priced per couple.
Approximately 2 hours

The Sampler

This Petite Spa Package offers a healthy Tapas Style sample of favorites from our spa menu. Select three of your favorites from our 25-minute services, such as: Express Massage, Express Facial, Warm Oil Scalp Massage, 25 Minute Foot Massage, 25 Minute Body Scrub, Express Manicure, Express Pedicure.
Approximately 1.5 hours 


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