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Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Class Schedule

  • Please note: MASKS ARE REQUIRED in all indoor public areas and where social distancing is not possible.
  • Our fitness class offerings are currently limited and subject to change. 
  • To reserve a space for any of the fitness classes at the Mind & Motion Studio or to schedule a personal training session, please contact us at 941.387.1656.




7:30 am SPIN® with Lori - MIND & MOTION Terrace (All Levels)
8:30 am SPIN® with Kara - MIND & MOTION Terrace (All Levels)
9:30 am SPLASH FITNESS with Sandi  - RESORT POOL* (All Levels)


9:30 am YOGA with Cara - HARBOURSIDE LAWN* (All Levels)


6:00 pm ZUMBA WITH CONFIDENCE with Quyen - SPIKE ‘n TEES deck (All Levels)


8:30 am BEACH BOOT CAMP with Lori   - RESORT BEACH* (All Levels)
8:30 am SPIN® with Kara - MIND & MOTION Terrace (All Levels)
9:30 am SPIN® with Lori - MIND & MOTION Terrace (All Levels)
5:00 pm SUNSET BEACH YOGA (75 minutes) with Cara
 - RESORT BEACH* (All Levels)


8:00 am YOGA with Tamara - HARBOURSIDE LAWN* (All Levels)
9:00 am STRETCH with Tamara - HARBOURSIDE LAWN* (All Levels)
10:00 am SPLASH FITNESS with Sandi  - RESORT POOL* (All Levels)
5:00 pm SUNSET BEACH YOGA (75 minutes) with Tamara - RESORT BEACH* (All Levels)


8:30 am BEACH YOGA with Maria - RESORT BEACH* (All Levels)
9:30 am Cardio HIIT with Alisa  - MIND & MOTION TERRACE* (All Levels)
10:00 am SPLASH FITNESS with Sandi  - RESORT POOL* (All Levels)


Class Descriptions 

Beach Boot Camp - This challenging workout combines body weight movements with some equipment, focusing on full body strength and cardio. Please bring water and a towel. ADVANCED
Beach Yoga - Enjoy the fresh air, soft white sand and the sound of the rippling Gulf waves at this beach yoga class. ALL LEVELS 
Spin® - The ultimate group cycling class. Pump up the volume on your workout in this complete mind/body cardio workout. ALL LEVELS
Splash Fitness - A fun-filled water class consisting of cardio and muscle strengthening. Water creates natural resistance which means every step is a challenge, helping to tone your muscles with no impact on your joints. ALL LEVELS
Stretchable You - Elongate muscles from end to end, increase your flexibility and improve body awareness with this special mind/body connection. ALL LEVELS
Yoga - This class is for those students who have already practiced yoga for at least six months and would like to stretch more deeply and challenge their strength as we move into more complex poses. We will also practice other aspects of yoga, such as pranayama, (breathwork). ALL LEVELS
Sunset Beach Yoga - (75 minute class) Join us for sunset on the beach as we Restore, Relax and Renew for a nightly wind down. Our experienced instructors will enlighten you with all levels of yoga, taking you on a journey of mindfulness, meditation, strengthening and toning your body, while clearing your mind as you ease into the gentleness of the night. ALL LEVELS
Zumba with Confidence - Intervals of Latin dance and weight training. Be strong, be vibrant, be you! ALL LEVELS

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